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Flipping around the channels a few weeks ago, I ran across "Secret State" on Ovation--and was thoroughly hooked. Gabriel Byrne (who has aged remarkably well) is a British prime minister whose predecessor was killed in a plane crash, and besides figuring out what and/or who caused it, he's dealing with a factory explosion, a hostile banking system, a general who wants a war, a couple of suspicious deaths, and a curious journalist, among other things. I hope they run the whole series together at some point, because it's become so twisty that it's hard to keep everything sorted when seeing just one hour a week. In fact, I may end up buying the DVDs--Byrne is a pleasure to watch.

P.S. After catching repeats of the show, I can report that it's a four-part miniseries and works very well when viewed again (and paying close attention).
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