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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:15 am Reply with quote
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Mars Attacks has some battle scenes inside the Capitol (or WH?) and the two kids who grew up on video games are naturals at zapping invaders.


I just rewatched The Desert Fox with James Mason as Rommel.
And instead of the straight war film one expects there are a few odd turns with the second half of the film dealing with the plot to assassinate Hitler which nearly succeeded. So there's a good deal of coup plotting and wondering who can be trusted and crisis of conscience over duty, etc.

Killing your enemies, if it's done badly, increases their number.
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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:39 pm Reply with quote
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No, I knew why you suggested it for my list. Was just smiling at how it made the list less serious and more fun. Haven't seen it since it was in a theater, so might check it out.


Anyone seen the Queen's Gambit miniseries? Wow. In case you thought chess movies were dull, let Anya Taylor-Joy disabuse you. So much more than a chess movie, in any case, with a fascinating character arc. Based on the book by Walter Tevis, best known for The Man who Fell to Earth and The Hustler and The Color of Money. (died in his 50s, so that hits list might have been longer) As for Ms. TJ's perf, I might need a thesaurus.... compelling, captivating, luminous,, best leave it on the shelf.

He was wise beyond his years, but only by a few days.
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